What If...

February 6, 2019

“What if the actual intent behind President Trump’s meeting with select African-American Pastors was calculated to provoke more distrust, division, and doubt within our ranks? What if the powers-that-be, in media and politics, are behind the curtains laughing at how easy it was to throw the proverbial rock and hide their hand? What if these powers wagered on us doing more damage to ourselves than they ever could? What if these powers invited the “moderate” in order to incite the “militant”? What if they bet on the perceived naivete of the one group colliding with the exacerbated outrage of the other? What if the real Culprit manipulated all of our political perspectives and persuasions to our detriment, and at the expense of severe damage to some of our most cherished relationships? What if the skepticism of our onlookers – theparishioners, the seekers the disillusioned, and our very own children - has grown to such an extent that they can view neither group as servants of God but as pitiable pawns of their respective political parties? What if the riot started by the pen, or with the push of a viral live stream, eventually precipitates more damage than any riot in the streets? What if the Culprit is counting on us ignoring history and Scripture, both of which admonish us that, even when we disagree, we must beware how we manage our divergencies, lest we ensure each other’s destruction? Suppose Willie Lynch was the event coordinator: wouldn’t he be proud of the results?

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