The iPod, Redbox, Netflix, CashApp, & iTunes were each disruptive business ideas. Initially, they were laughed at. Eventually, they became the standard. Initially, they were disruptive ideas, then we couldn’t live without them. These and many others entered what we call in business strategy, a Blue Ocean. Disruption is the name of the game in entrepreneurship. The ability to take an innovative business idea and disrupt the status quo while creating a new business model is a skill that many covet. But what about a disruptive idea about business itself. Not just a disruptive product or service, but a disruptive idea about business. This is what you are holding in your hand.


On your device is a book written by an experienced and successful entrepreneur with executive education to complement his experience. Business itself needs another disruptive idea and you are the entrepreneur to express it. You are the one that will take this innovative idea about business and accomplish something unprecedented for your family, community 

and possibly the world!   

The Grace for Business - Ebook