In his most comprehensive and thought-provoking book to date, award-winning speaker, entrepreneur and sought-after preacher, Marcus Benjamin, provides clear insight, inspiration and stategies to eliminate deficits and experience surplus in the five profit centers of our life. 


In Profiting from His Presence, you will learn: 


  • Why profit is of sacred and not secular origin 
  • How you were created distinctively to express the glory of God
  • The connection between Sunday morning worship and monday morning work
  • What are the Five Profit Centers of your life and why Satan seeks to attack them
  • The 7 strategies every believer must engage to see the presence of God yield profit 
  • And so much more...


This is a book for you to read, study and discuss with other believers. Profiting from His Presence is a game-changer for the believer in the 21st Century.  


Softcover - 168 pages

Profiting from God's Presence