Henry Ford is credited as saying, "Thinking is a very difficult job that's why most don't do it." Although this is a challening statement, most don't feel as though it applies to them. Why? Because most people "think" they are thinking everyday, but really, all that's happening is thoughts roaming around in their heads!  


I've been in this position and it isn't profitable over the long run. I am grateful that in my early 20's one of my mentors challenged "my thinking process." He challenged, "How I came to my decisions and how those decisions affected my life." I am sure others tried to help me with this, but "I wasn't thinking!" (pun intended). 


I wrote this mini book to help millions across the world, "think about their thinking." As the quality of our thinking changes, so will our choices...and our choices, ultimately shape our lives. As an unknown writer said, "At first, we make our choices, then our choices make us." 

I Have Decided To Think


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