Virgin-Preneur BootCamp


Have you ever felt that other entrepreneurs must have secret insight that helps their business grow faster? Do you feel as if you are using the "trial and error" method to build a business? Are you struggling to reach 500K or 1MM in annual revenue?  The Virgin-preneur seminar is designed for 1st Generation entrepreneurs just like you! Spend up to five hours with Marcus Benjamin learning the specific blueprint to grow your business. Each session is open to only 30 entrepreneurs.

July 26th is Women only and August 30th is Men only (teenagers can attend)


  1. *3 Key Perspectives every successful entrepreneur must have

  2. *What to do to reach 500K

  3. *What to avoid to reach 1MM

  4. *How to create critical mass - business autopilot - in any business

***Bonus Strategy Session (optional)

***Breakfast and Lunch included

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