• Want more men grasping God's purpose for their life?

  • Want more men connected in a real relationship?

  • Want more men making real-life connections between the spiritual and the temporal? 

  • Want more men reaching other men with real answers to life's questions?

  • Want more men serving within the church and the community?

Find Out


 I created the OnTop® video series as a way to serve pastors, men's ministry leaders or community champions to connect men to real answers from a faith perspective. In the video series, I cover five key areas where men need to get on top.



These key areas are:


  • Relationship with God 

  • Physical and Emotional Health 

  • Relationship with Wife/Women

  • Relationship with Children

  • Career or Calling



Each video is approximately 15 minutes in length and packed with key thoughts and stories. After the conclusion of each video segment, the group discussion centers around the full-color workbooks that are included for each participant. The program is designed to be engaged bi-weekly, which would make the program 10 weeks in length. I've included take-home assignments within the workbook for men to complete individually. Additionally, group discussion cards are included for larger settings.  

Download Sample Workbook

Having been a pastor for over a decade, I know the value of seeing men growing in Christ and leading within their families. At the same time, I know the difficulty of helping men grasp the discipline of physical and emotional health. I wrote this program because I am a man and I understand. I created this series because in each of these areas I struggled, yet Christ has given me victory. I am certain that after your men encounter OnTop®, their life and your church will never be the same again.  

Options for Implementation:

  • Church discipleship initiative (internal)

  • Church evangelism initiative (internal and external)

  • Men's Conference/Seminar/Retreat (internal and external)

Support Provided:

  • Pre-recorded video for facilitators 

  • Social Media promotion graphics 

  • Flyer Template

  • Priority Email Customer Service Support 

  • 24-hour Call back by request

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What's In the Box?
  • OnTop® DVD
  • Digital Video Access Card
  • Full-Color Workbooks (20, 40, or 100)
  • OnTop® Conversation Cards
  • OnTop® T-shirts (optional)

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