Welcome to Mentorship

with Marcus D. Benjamin

Managing & Multiplying Money

Marcus will not only answer your questions, but will provide insight and strategy on money matters ranging from investments to financial technology.

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Leading Yourself & Your Team

Marcus will provide leadership insight and growth opportunities to enhance leadership outcomes in business and ministry.

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Strategic Guidance for the Future

The world revolving around ministry and business are uncertain. Leaders need keen, strategic insight to chart the course and navigate along the way.

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Marcus Benjamin is known by many as a strategist, business expert and financial genius. He takes these commendations seriously, in that, people expect him to have answers within these three categories. As a result he studies and researches so he can have real answers to the people who look to him for answers. 


This mentorship program is an opportunity to do just that. Literally, thousands across the country constantly reach out to him or the Agency for insight. Of course, its impossible for him to field these questions individually, so we needed to create a context for those who are willing to maximize his time by implementing the strategies he recommends.


In the mentorship program, there are two options: (1) Participate in the fee-based Webinars or (2) Participate in the Monthly mentorship and accountability. Here's the breakdown. Marcus will host a monthly Webinar that focuses on leadership, money and strategy for those who are part of the mentorship group. People can pay a fee to participate in the Webinar. 



The second option is participating in the Monthly Mentorship and Accountability. This is where Mr. Benjamin will work with you and your spouse throughout the month to create and implement a financial, leadership and strategy game plan! Yes, he is carving out time in his schedule to work directly with a select group of people for the remainder of the year.


As a result of the current conditions resulting from COVID19, Mr. Benjamin has made the decision to reduce the rate of the mentorship program by 50% for the remainder of 2020! You get the opportunity to join the Webinars and get the monthly accountability and implementation from an expert for half of the standard rate!


Click the link below to start the program. Remember, even the modest fee you pay is tax deductible in most states.  

"If the insight and strategies don't radically change your life, my office will refund your money. No questions asked. Gratefully, over the past decade, we have never had to refund money due to client dissatisfaction."

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