The Academy.


Since we know that the backbone of America is small business, then we must concede that small businesses are the entire skeleton of local communities. As local communities fully embrace the possibilities of creating, nurturing and sustaining entrepreneurial endeavors, imagine the impact we could see: 

  • More job opportunities 

  • Higher community engagement 

  • Increased academic support 

  • Increased non-profit collaborations 

  • Increased faith-sector engagement 

  • Enhanced quality of life

We know it's not enough to just own a small business, but it is imperative that these small businesses succeed. Success in business is multifaceted, but the core of small business success is defined by net profit. Generally speaking, net profit is income left after COGS, operating expenses and taxes have been deducted from revenue. At Gravitas, our working definition of business success that changes the life of the entrepreneur and has the potential for substantial community impact is $1,000,000 in net income. This is the objective of Net Academy. 

Net Academy is a unique approach to small business mentorship and coaching in that we seek to help 1,000 entrepreneurs every decade build businesses that have $1,000,000 in net income. Yes, $1,000,000 in net income. We've assembled a team of entrepreneurs with expertise in technology, capital, operations, strategy, sales and marketing to provide direct mentorship, coaching and consulting through a unique platform. Collectively, this team has managed, raised or built businesses valued at nearly 50B. 




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