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Bishop Benjamin is a uniquely anointed, educated and skilled leader who is prepared for this dispensation of kingdom activity. He received Jesus at age 14, was licensed to preach at 17 and has been nurtured in the faith through various pentecostal, baptist and non-denominational expressions. Bishop Benjamin has emerged as more than a gifted preacher. He has arrived as a culture shaper, thought leader and demonstrator of the gospel of Christ in both the ceremonial and marketplace.


Very few preachers carry the academic pedigree and credentials possessed by Bishop Benjamin and just 40 years old. He holds a Bachelors in Business from Winthrop University, a Graduate degree in Corporate Strategy from The Smartly Institute in Washington, DC and a Certification in Design Thinking from the University of Sydney. Each of these educational attainments complement the anointing, which is the result of personal consecration and spiritual accountability. 


Additionally, Bishop Benjamin is a Founding Partner of the world-renowned John Maxwell Team, a member of the National Speakers Association, and a member of the world-renowned Vistage Speakers Bureau. Bishop Benjamin travels the country speaking in various faith, business and civic conferences, while also providing support to multiple churches and church leaders.   

Marcus D. Benjamin

Marcus Benjamin and John Maxwell


Leadership development is the ultimate mandate of the Church. The ultimate success of the church is preparing people to steward the message and manifestation of the kingdom of God. Discipleship is the leader-making strategy of Jesus but unfortunately we've left discipleship and moved into the more provocative world of motivational preaching. Click the image to hear John speak about Bishop Benjamin.



Entrepreneurship has always been the underpinning of the move of God. Paul in the 1st Century, The Great Awakenings & the Civil Rights Movement each reached critical mass with the aid of entrepreneurs. If we are to successfully contend with the forces of darkness, we need an unprecedented anointing and unprecedented resources. Click the image above to hear Bishop Benjamin speak on entrepreneurship.

The Daniel Strategy


Unfortunately, we've made the word spiritual to mean random, haphazard, or unpredictable while ignoring the primary characteristic of the agent of spirituality--God. God is a Spirit and He was strategic in creation and His plan for redemption. Individually and collectively we are to be people of strategy as engage kingdom work, how we direct our family and engage our communities. Click the image to find out more.

The Preacher

Greatest Accomplishment

Isaiah, Omeka, Marcus & Destiny. Isaiah is an incoming Freshman at College of Charleston. Omeka is a speaker & non-profit leader. Destiny is a rising Junior at the Governors School for Science and Math.

Bishop Benjamin travels the country providing corporate-level strategy and operational support to multi-million dollar corporations and churches with an aggressive growth culture. Additionally, Bishop Benjamin is seen speaking on corporate stages with the likes of Dr. John Maxwell, Dr. Samuel Chand, Super Bowl Star Antwaan Randle El, Bishop TD Jakes, Daymond John of ABC's Shark Tank, Cheryl Bachelder of Popeye's and Chris Elmore of AvidXchange.


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