Every initiative of scale, at the corporate or business level, has at least three, broad 

categories: Strategy, Staff & Support. At The Benjamin Agency, we 

provide one or all three to help the organization move from 

where it is to where it wants to be.




Strategy is a buzz-word at the business and corporate level. To not have a strategy is planning to fail. To overstrategize is to plan frustration for the executive team. We are well versed in modern strategic approaches and are adept in choosing the right strategic framework that best fits the context and desired results of the board of directors or the executive team. 

The most capital-rich and distinguishing factor within an organization is its people. People are ones who execute strategy, oversee projects and manage technology, and therefore, make or break the short and long-term goals of the organization. We are adept in enhancing key staff with the requisite skills to support the desired results of the board or executive team. 

Setting strategy in motion and training key employees are one thing, but does the CEO, President or key member of the executive team have the additional insight needed to make time-sensitive business decisions? We provide expert advisory services to senior executives and corporate boards for matters relating to capital, operations, marketing, business continuity or corporate-level strategy

experts on tap

Charlie Williams -

Corporate Risk Mgmt.

Internal Executive 

Vanessa Vaughn

Roshanda Pratt - 

Social Media Executive

Internal Executive 

Marcus Benjamin, President

Corporate & Business-Level Strategy

Keynote Speaker

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Allen Williams - 

Training & Development 

Internal Associate

Vanessa Vaughn - 

Business Continuity

External Partner

nearly 100 years collective experience 

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